1. Questions

    If you have any questions regarding the installation process of nuBuilderPro, please direct them to our forum so that the whole community can benefit from the discussion.

  2. System Requirements

    nuBuilder LAMP Stack nuBuilderPro requires an operating environment where Apache, PHP and MySql is running. You will need a basic working knowledge of how to install and configure a webserver which handles PHP and MySql.
    If this is not a skill you have, feel free to signup with our Hosted nuBuilder solution.
  3. Download nuBuilderPro

    From GitHub:
    Download nuBuilder
  4. Unzip files

  5. Create a folder

    Create a folder for your application.
    For this example we will call the folder nubuilder.

  6. Upload/Copy

    Upload or copy all unzipped files within to your webserver into the folder that you just created called 'nubuilder'.

  7. Create a mysql database

    Create a mysql database with a mysql user name and password, you will need to have these details ready for the next step.

  8. Configure the config.php file

    Using a text editor, edit the file called config.php, this file should be located in the folder that you created in a previous step.
    $nuConfigDBHost = "";
    $nuConfigDBName = "the_name_of_your_database";
    $nuConfigDBUser = "the_username_of_your_database";
    $nuConfigDBPassword = "the_password_of_your_database";
    $nuConfigDBGlobeadminPassword = "nu"; //-- globeadmin password
    $nuConfigtitle = "My nuBuilder Site";

  9. Run the nuBuilder install link

    Please run the following link using 'globeadmin' as the username and the password that you set in the config.php file above. e.g. 'nu' http://{yourwebserver}/nubuilder/nuinstall.php

    Setup Image One

  10. Login

    You can now login as 'globeadmin' with the password that you set in the config.php file above. e.g. 'nu' http://{yourwebserver}/nubuilder/index.php

    Setup Image Three

  11. Start Developing

    You will then see a screen with the following buttons. You can now begin to develop your new application.
    To find our move about developing in nuBuilderPro, please see our wiki page.
    Setup Image Four

  12. Sample Application

    To get started you might want to try our Sample Application. The Sample Application can be downloaded here. Sample Application   →