A better alternative
than Microsoft Access

Business Process Management
Open Source
Web Application Builder
Custom Cloud Database
Ideal Platform for Citizen Developers

Create a Database

nuBuilder a is tool for creating fast web-based business applications, using technologies such as PHP, MySql, Javascript, SQL, AJAX, jQuery and JSON.

Custom PHP/Javascript

All customization done to a nuBuilder Application (including PHP and Javascript code) is stored in its database making it easy to backup and restore.

Desktop to Web

nuBuilder is the ideal tool for moving your business software into the cloud. Easy to learn, free to install and capable of building enterprise level front end applications.

Create Web Applications

nuBuilder has all the components needed for a developer to build Forms and Reports and specify access levels for different users.

Fast Learning Curve

nuBuilder is fully documented with over 20 video tutorials to help you get started, along with a fully supported forum where you can get help from other developers.

Cloud Ownership

Most Cloud based tools are hosted on sites that cannot be moved providing no real ownership. nuBuilder is Open Source so you can host it wherever you want.